If you request a home energy audit in Denver, Co from Ideal Home Energy, you will receive a top-quality assessment of your homes energy performance that delivers multiple benefits to you.

  1. Energy audits help you make decisions about how you can conserve energy.
  2. Energy audits can increase the comfort, safety, health and durability of your home. 
  3. A home energy audit can help protect the environment by reducing energy waste.

BPI Certified Professional

Building Performance Institute (BPI) was started in 1993 and has been setting the technical standards for energy audits and energy efficient upgrades. From These standards they are able to test and certify industry professionals.

The Auditing Process

Three types of services that compose a home energy audit in Denver, CO: 1 – Visual Inspection 2 – Diagnostic Testing 3 – Numerical Analysis When one of our auditors arrives at your home they will sit down for 10-15 minutes to ask some simple questions based on your energy concerns and take a look at your utility usage. Looking for more information? Check out our blog What is an Energy Audit? to learn more.

After the initial sit down they will set up testing equipment. They will inspect your attic insulation, crawlspace insulation, exterior walls, and your HVAC system. A full combustion appliance zone test will be completed to make sure no gas leaks are found. At Ideal Home Energy, we will also take some thermal imaging photos and gather any preliminary information that helps to target further home energy audits in Denver, CO. Once all needed data has been gathered, it is entered into a computer software program to create a thorough and detailed report. Our energy audit services will outline anything we had found during the inspection. Once you have that report you can use it as a guide to make the improvements needed for your home to be more comfortable and energy efficient.

Types Of Home Energy Audit Tests

Visual Inspection

The visual inspection is the energy auditors first tool in diagnosing a house with any energy or physical deficiencies. We want to determine the quality of the foundation, roof, siding, windows, doors, over hangs and any insulation. We also want to look for any possible health and safety hazards before starting any other tests.

Blower Door Test

Testing the air tightness of a home is possible, thanks to blower door technology. We can use this equipment to measure a homes air leakage rate at a standard pressure of 50 pascals (CFM50). This allows us to accurately test the homes air barrier to locate any existing air leaks.

Infrared Energy Audit

During our home energy audits we use infrared testing, which while used in conjunction with a blower door, allows the user to see temperature differences. This testing will reveal the effectiveness of insulation and air sealing details in any building cavities.

Exploring the Different Tests Conducted in a Home Energy Audit

The health and safety of our clients should never be compromised by our home energy audit services or our efforts to conserve energy. Any energy efficient upgrades made could alter operations of heating and cooling systems, alter the moisture balance of the home, or reduce a homes ventilation rate.

Here at Ideal Home Energy one of our top priorities is making sure our clients are safe. Energy auditors as well as energy upgrade contractors must take all possible precautions to avoid harm and deliver safety, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency to each and every client.

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The U.S. Department of Energy suggest that you should have your insulation inspected at least once a year. If you have recently had a roof leak or insulation replacement, leaky vapor barriers or unwanted rodents, you should consider attic insulation removal and replace your insulation to keep your energy bills low and maintain a comfortable home. Removing your homes insulation will not only help with your energy bills and comfort but it is also extremely important for improving your homes air quality.

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