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If you are looking for a company to install solar panels on your home, Ideal Home Energy is North Carolina’s Choice for Solar Installation. Contact us today!


Despite concerns over costs, installation, and maintenance, switching to solar energy is an investment you should consider if you are a homeowner or landlord. 


Apart from earning back investments and getting rid of the power bill, solar panel installation will also help you to contribute positively to climate change management. Consider shifting to solar energy because it is abundant, eco-friendly, renewable, clean, and sustainable in the long run. 


Ideal Home Energy is a premium energy audits & insulation contractor that provides clients access to diverse home energy solutions. Our BPI and HPIP-certified technicians team are committed to helping you customize and install solar panels that improve your home efficiency. Consult Ideal Home Energy if you have any questions or need assistance from solar installers in North Carolina.

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What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is renewable and clean energy generated from radiant heat and light from the sun. We harness solar energy using the photovoltaic cells in our solar panels and convert it into electric energy that powers our clients’ homes. Clients can also store or sell excess power to electricity companies, which will return the power to the grid. 


Benefits of Using Solar Energy?

Shifting to solar energy is a decision homeowners, and landlords should consider if looking for a long-term energy-efficient solution for powering their homes. We recommend clients consider installing our solar panels and using solar energy because it presents the following advantages;

  1. No upfront fees – No upfront fees are needed after purchasing our solar panels. No payments are required before we inspect your home and install our solar panels. 
  2. Ownership of solar panels and power – Purchasing and installing a solar panel gives you ownership and control over the solar panel and the energy produced at your home. You also have the freedom to sell excess power back to electricity companies. 
  3. Reduces utility costs – Shifting to solar energy helps to lower utility by reducing or eliminating your electricity bill. 
  4. Added home value- Installing a solar panel increases your home’s value and marketability, allowing it to rent or sell faster. 
  5. Upgrade – Solar panel efficiency can be increased to generate more power. We offer our clients free upgrades for installing additional panels, inverters, and battery storage. 
  6. Tax rebates – Utility companies offer tax rebates as financial incentives for purchasing solar panels. If you qualify for tax rebates, you will receive tax refunds of up to $950 for an insulation package. Homeowners and landlords in North Carolina can also apply for the ITC tax rebate that offers a 26% tax credit on solar installations made in 2022.


Why Choose Ideal Home Energy 

Homeowners and landlords in North Carolina looking to shift to solar energy should consider solar services provided at Ideal Home Energy. We are the best solar installers in North Carolina. The benefits of obtaining solar services from Ideal Home Energy include

  • Efficiency – We offer fast and efficient installation services. 
  • Affordability – Customers enjoy quality services and fair pricing.
  • Advanced reporting – Our experts use advanced reporting to customize our services to suit customers’ needs. 
  • Free upgrades – We offer additional energy efficiency upgrades such as different solar panels and inverters installation at no extra cost. 
  • Customer care services – Ideal Home Energy offers clients free rebate paperwork.


The Solar Installation Process

Our friendly experts apply the following solar installation process to help you improve your home. 

  1. Full home efficiency inspection – We determine if solar panel installation is appropriate for the home. If not, we offer advice on other energy-efficient alternatives. 
  2. Free solar quote – Our experts offer free quotes on the prices of our services.
  3. Inspection and permitting – After clients accept our offers, we inspect your solar panel to ensure it complies with product safety standards.
  4. Installation – We offer fast and efficient solar panel installations. 
  5. Energy efficiency upgrade – Our experts conduct blower door tests before and after installations to efficient upgrades to ensure your home is appropriately insulated and efficient. 
  6. Reporting and saving – We offer clients free job reports after the installation and allow them to enjoy saving generated from the solar-powered system.

Homeowners and landlords searching for solar installers in North Carolina should consider contacting Ideal Home Energy. Our solar installation experts are committed to providing clients with efficient, fast, affordable solar installation services with quality customer care. Make Ideal Home Energy for your solar installer and learn more about our solar installation process from our experts by contacting us today.

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