Air Sealing Insulation

Air Sealing Insulation Services in Denver, CO

What is Air Sealing Insulation?

One of the most important steps in the process of making your home energy efficient as well as comfortable is by using air sealing in the house first. Simply insulating the envelope (or shell) isn’t enough. In fact, the ability of insulation to perform is almost cut in half if you don’t air seal first. Sealing up air leaks where air infiltrations occur is a tricky business since leaks are usually hidden from view. Air infiltration can simply be under a doorway where there’s not a sweep installed or the threshold isn’t adjusted properly. However, the most common infiltration paths include access to the attic and any air that can enter the home’s envelope from the attic space. Get a quote for Air Sealing Services in Denver, CO at Ideal Home Energy today.

Do you need Air Sealing Insulation?

Symptoms of a leaky attic space include: Drafty rooms, Hot and cold rooms, High heating or cooling bills, Ice dams in the winter, Dry indoor air in winter and Dust.

Benefits of Air Sealing Insulation

Lower Energy Costs

Reducing energy bills is an essential part of enhancing your home’s performance. Air-sealing ensures the air you will heat during the upcoming fall evenings will stay inside your home. Your furnace or heat-pump will be able to warm the air more efficiently, which translates to lower electric and gas utility bills.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Since “unconditioned” outdoor air can carry harmful pollutants and allergens, air-sealing helps prevent your home’s air from becoming contaminated with various impurities. Air-sealing will also reduce the likelihood for moisture issues inside your home, diminishing the possibility of mold and mildew growth. Your home’s indoor air quality can have a dramatic influence on your health and safety. Air-sealing will truly allow you to breathe easier!

Improved Comfort

Since more of your home’s conditioned air will remain indoors after air-sealing is complete, the temperature inside your home will remain more consistent on each floor too. Air-sealing will reduce drafts and keep humid outside air away as well, adding to your increased comfort.

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