6 Benefits of Attic Insulation

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1) Saves you money

Insulating your attic space can be a great investment for your home. Residential heating and cooling account for 60% of the energy used in the average American home. If your home is uninsulated or under-insulated, you will be spending more than you should to heat or cool your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you can save an average of 30% on utility costs by air sealing and insulating your home’s attic space. 

In many cases, paying a professional contractor to add insulation to your attic will pay for itself within just a few years. Xcel Energy also offers a variety of rebates for having your attic space insulated and air sealed, so you could see some money back right away!

2) Increases your home’s comfort

A very common reason for adding insulation is comfort. A home that is under-insulated is more vulnerable to outside temperature. Heat naturally flows from hot to cold. This means that depending on the outside temperature you may be experiencing hot/cold and uncomfortable rooms due to heat displacement.  

Bedrooms located on upper floors are especially vulnerable to outside temperatures. Adding insulation to your attic space is a great way to ensure these rooms stay temperate at night and in the early morning, when temperatures are at their lowest. 

3) Protects the Environment 

For those more money conscious home owners, the first benefit was probably enough. However, those motivated by helping the environment will be happy, too. Insulating and air sealing your attic can be the most energy saving project you could complete on your home. The energy saved with this means your home won’t need to make as much energy, so power plants won’t need to produce as much energy! This also reduces pollution caused by the power plants. Reducing the amount of energy we consume can have a huge effect on our local ecosystems. Not only that, it can help the entire country. 

4) Indoor Air Quality 

Obviously, the air quality of your home is extremely important, but did you know your attic insulation plays a vital role in your home’s indoor air quality? 

Outdoor pollutants can enter your home through air leaks caused by poor air sealing and under-insulated attic spaces. Insulating your attic prevents these pollutants from spreading throughout your home, allowing your family to breathe easier and enjoy cleaner indoor air. Installing new insulation can also remove pollutants that may have infested your current insulation. 

5) Protects your Home’s Structure 

Insulating your attic space can prevent physical damage to your home. It prevents any moisture from seeping in and eroding your home’s framing and walls. In the winter, the rising heat in your attic might lead to melting snow on a roof, which can then lead to ice dams. Ice dams and moisture issues can do serious damage to your home, especially the roof, which is not a cheap fix! By air sealing and insulating, you can prevent quite a few headaches down the road. If you have condensation or moisture inside your attic, it could be a symptom of  insulation issues. 

6) Protects your heating and cooling equipment

Heating and cooling equipment can be one of the most expensive purchases you make for you home. A new modern sealed combustion furnace could cost your family upwards of $6,000! 

One of the most important aspects of attic insulation is it allows your heating and cooling equipment to run less often. If your home’s insulation is able to retain indoor temperature, only then can your heating and cooling equipment rest. However, if your attic space is under-insulated then your heating and cooling equipment will need to run more often, to keep up with your home’s set temperature, causing the wear and tear to be much more significant.  

Now that you know…

With effective and clean attic insulation you could see these benefits and more for your home! If you’re interested in an insulation upgrade or you just want to see what the savings on your bills, your homes structure or the environment could be then we are the company for you! We specialize in residential insulation and other energy efficient home retrofits! Call Ideal Home Energy today for a free in home estimate!

By Kierra Barraza Whole House Fans are exhaust systems that are installed in the homes attic to circulate air. This particular fan pulls air from your living areas and exerts the air into the attic by pulling fresh, cooler air from outside. This system uses 90 % less energy than your typical air conditioning unit. If an air conditioning
Getting your monthly utility bill can be frustrating for some people! Sometimes it’s hard to understand how your home could possibly be using that much energy? Luckily, we live in a time where everything can be measured, assessed and improved! You might be wondering how you can you do this with your home’s energy use? The answer is simple!

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