One of the most important steps in the process of making your home energy efficient as well as comfortable is by using air sealing in the house first. Simply insulating the envelope (or shell) isn’t enough. In fact, the ability of insulation to perform is almost cut in half if you don’t air seal first. Sealing up air leaks where air infiltrations occur is a tricky business since leaks are usually hidden from view. Air infiltration can simply be under a doorway where there’s not a sweep installed or the threshold isn’t adjusted properly. However, the most common infiltration paths include access to the attic and any air that can enter the home’s envelope from the attic space. Get a quote for Air Sealing Services in Denver, CO at Ideal Home Energy today.

Out of sight, out of mind. The crawl space is not a place many people tend to frequent in their own home. However, it is a very important aspect of keeping your home comfortable, healthy and efficient. Crawl spaces are dark, dank and musty. Due to them being underground, crawl spaces are a natural breeding zone for moisture, dust, dirt, rodents and insects. The damage done by not properly insulating and air sealing a crawl space is likely affecting you more than you know. But, there’s still hope! Contact a representative if you need crawlspace insulation in Denver, CO at Ideal Home Energy.

Ideal Home Energy offers many other energy saving services such as Air Sealing, Radiant Barrier and Solar Power. Contact us to learn more about these services and receive a free estimate

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