Insulation Removal

The Benefits of Insulation Replacement and Removal: Why Should You Consider It?

Insulation Replacement and Removal Services in Denver, CO

What is Insulation Removal?

The U.S. Department of Energy suggest that you should have your insulation inspected at least once a year. If you have recently had a roof leak or insulation replacement, leaky vapor barriers or unwanted rodents, you should consider attic insulation removal and replace your insulation to keep your energy bills low and maintain a comfortable home. Removing your homes insulation will not only help with your energy bills and comfort but it is also extremely important for improving your homes air quality.


Do you need Insulation Removal?

Insulation removal in Denver, CO also allows our install crews a fresh slate to properly air seal any penetrations that could be allowing unnecessary air leakage through the attic space.

Benefits of Insulation Removal

Air Quality

An estimated 40% of the air you breathe travels through your attic space. Mildew can also appear in your attic and crawl space areas. Air leaks and too much moisture in a poorly ventilated area are factors that most commonly cause mildew to lurk in these spaces. If your family is suffering from respiratory problems; sever allergy symptoms such as itchy and watery eyes or even a weakening of your immune system you may want to consider attic insulation replacement.


Who doesn’t like to be comfortable in their own home? Insulation will impact the comfort of your home all year. If you have that one room that you can’t seem to keep cool/warm, no matter what you set your thermostat to, you might have an insulation problem.

Lower Energy Bills

Your attic space and crawl space will have difficulties holding warm air in the cooler months and keeping warm air out during the warmer months. This will result in high-energy bills because your home has to work harder. By replacing your failing Insulation with new insulation you can shave anywhere from 10% – 50% on your heating bill according to the Department of Energy.


Several problems can occur when you are in need of attic insulation removal. Unwanted moisture is one of those problems. Rising indoor heat in the winter could lead to melting snow on a roof, which can then lead to ice dams. Moisture, ice dams, and condensation can cause significant damage to a home. Moisture can also seep inside and wet insulation is useless at keeping in heat. By sealing, checking, and changing out your insulation, you can prevent quite a few moisture caused headaches down the road.

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