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Households in the US require energy to run various equipment and devices. Space heating and air conditioning account for more than half of annual energy usage (51% in 2015). Energy efficiency, however, is overlooked.


A home energy audit helps determine the energy efficiency of a home. It gives you comprehensive energy audits of the amount of energy your house consumes, where your residence is inefficient, and what issues and improvements should be prioritized to help save energy.


Why Do You Need An Energy Audit?


Conducting an energy assessment guarantees that you retain energy by implementing new energy-saving improvements.


Here is a rundown of why a home energy assessment is crucial:

  • It reveals potential energy-saving possibilities.

  • It assists you in better understanding your power consumption and strategies to save energy.

  • An energy assessment can detect wiring, electrical, and ventilation safety issues – making your home safer.

  • It raises the resale value of a home.

  • An energy assessment shows you ways to lower carbon monoxide levels in your house or company.


If you want a home energy assessment in Denver, Co, you will get a high-quality audit of your house’s energy efficiency from Ideal Home Energy.


Auditing Process


A home energy assessment comprises three sorts of services: 


  • Visual Inspection 

  • Diagnostic Testing 

  • Numerical Analysis


Upon visiting your house, our auditor takes 10 to 15 minutes to ask some basic questions about your energy issues, and then they examine your utility consumption.


They set up equipment for testing and check the insulation in your attic, HVAC system, external walls, and crawlspace. A full zone test of the combustion appliance is performed to ensure there are no gas leaks.

We also take several thermal imaging photographs and collect any preliminary data that may assist us in focusing our energy auditing efforts.


After gathering your home’s information, we prepare a comprehensive report detailing your home’s energy efficiency. Any issues discovered during the examination are detailed in our energy assessment. We will then send you the report, which you can use to make necessary changes to make your home more energy-efficient.


Home Energy Assessment Test Types


Visual Inspection


Our first step in determining whether a home has any energy issues is conducting a visual inspection. We check any insulation, the foundation, siding, roof, windows, overhangs, and doors for quality. Before doing any more tests, we check for any potential safety and health risks.


Blower Door Test


The blower door technology makes the testing of a home’s airtightness possible. We use this instrument to determine the rate of air leakage in a residence at 50 pascals standard pressure (CFM50). This enables us to precisely examine the home’s air barrier for current air spills.


Infrared Energy Audit


In our home energy assessments, we use infrared testing. It allows us to observe temperature variations when combined with the blower door. The efficiency of air sealing and insulation details in the building cavity is revealed through this examination.


Why Choose Us


Our home energy assessment services and conservation efforts should never compromise our clients’ safety or health. Any energy efficiency upgrades could affect the functioning of cooling and heating systems, the home’s ventilation rate, and moisture balance.


Among our major concerns is ensuring the safety of our customers. Reasonable efforts must be taken by an energy auditor and energy upgrade professionals to avoid injury and ensure that each customer receives safety, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality.


How to Start Service


You request a home energy assessment in Denver or one of our other Colorado areas we cover by contacting Ideal Home Energy.


About Ideal Home Energy


We are a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified energy auditing company. Besides offering energy auditing services, our focus is on the solar and insulation markets. Our objective is to make home energy solutions accessible to everyone. We are dedicated to making your house more comfortable while saving you money on energy. Most significantly, we help you contribute to making Colorado and the rest of the globe cleaner and greener.


An Energy Audit Saves More Than Just Money


An energy assessment is used to discover energy efficiency issues besides energy-saving potential in a house. Essentially, you can discover what is consuming more power than normal with a complete energy audit report. This can assist you in determining where improvements may be made that will save you money on power and assist you to better combat climate change.


Interested in learning more about our services, such as the expenses of energy auditing in Denver, CO? Read our client reviews, and contact us to book yourself a home energy assessment.

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