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Sometimes, adding or updating insulation at your home seems easy and a task that anyone can handle by themselves. But the work is more complex and time-consuming than it looks. Save time, money, and the stress of completing another housing project by hiring professionals to do it right the first time.


Ideal Home Energy is an energy consultant in Colorado that helps you keep your home energy smart, comfortable, and safe. We evaluate your home, understand its needs, and then install systems that reduce your energy consumption. 


Our solutions are affordable to ensure our clients make their homes comfortable without overspending. We strive to deliver what we promise, and our team loves working with all clients to ensure we improve your home’s discomforts. Contact us today for more information on our services.


Services We Provide


  • Insulation


 Our insulation services include insulation removal, attic insulation, air sealing, radiant barrier, crawlspace, and basement insulation. We recommend an annual inspection of your home’s insulation for comfortable living.


If you want to control your home’s temperatures at all seasons, consider attic insulation. It prevents heat conduction between your house interior and the attic, keeping your home warm during winter and cool during summer. Air sealing also lowers attic air infiltration. It seals off air from entering your house through the attic.


Another essential part of keeping your home comfortable is the basement and crawlspace. Being underground, crawl spaces are breeding zones for rodents, insects, moisture, dust, and dirt. Keeping it insulated protects you from many comfort issues that may be hard to identify. 


  • Energy Audit


An energy audit is a process to help you identify areas causing high energy consumption in your home. The process determines where you can improve and save on the energy bills. An Ideal Home Energy auditor will examine your house and pinpoint the potential areas for saving energy. We will use the information to create a detailed report showing our recommended improvements. If you need insulation improvements, our team can handle all the processes for you.


  • Solar


We provide Colorado with a full range of energy-efficient solar panels for any home suitable for the solar system. After your home inspection, we will determine whether your home is ideal for a solar system and offer you a free quote. We start the efficiency upgrades and installation as soon as you approve our quote and later give you a comprehensive energy savings data report.


The benefits of solar include:


  • Lower utility costs

  • Ownership of the entire solar system (Stop renting power!)

  • Added home value

  • No upfront costs required

  • Efficient upgrades

  • Enjoying solar-powered homes tax credits

Who Is Suited for Our Service

We help all homeowners who want to live a comfortable and energy-efficient life. Anyone who has issues with comfort and energy bills is ideal for our services. If you enjoy keeping our world cleaner and greener, you are our potential partner. 

Why Choose Ideal Home Energy

At Ideal Home Energy, we love and enjoy helping homeowners improve their homes and fix their discomforts. Our team comprises experts who strive to deliver what we promise and love working with clients. Led by our founder and president, Forrest Dent, we are working every day to ensure we lower residential energy use and make the environment a great place for all of us. We are an independently owned business that takes pride in the high quality of service we offer our clients. Our passion is people, and we love what we offer. 


You can now enjoy a free home sanitization and virtual estimate at Ideal Home Energy. Our top-notch customer services coupled with highly-rated installers will ensure we leave your home more comfortable and safer. 

How to Start the Service

If you need to add or update your Colorado home insulation, visit our offices at 12860 W. Cedar Dr. Unit 206 Lakewood, CO 80228, and speak to one of our team members. We open our offices from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. You can also contact us for more information on our services and products. We love our clients and appreciate them whenever they get in touch.

Save Energy With Ideal Home Energy

Since 2018, we have always strived to be the leading energy efficiency installer in Colorado. From energy audits to efficient upgrades, Ideal Home Energy ensures all its clients have the best of energy at all times. Don’t struggle with high energy bills and unbearable home temperatures. Schedule a consultation with us today to book your assessment.

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