Energy Audits in Houston, TX

While you love your home in the Houston area, you don’t love your monthly utility bills. Whether it is the heat in the summer or those few cold days every winter, it seems your electric or natural gas bills soar to new highs each season. 

An energy audit in Texas can make a difference to your finances – you might benefit from solar options or the addition of more insulation. Ideal Home Energy can help you find new ways to save money on your energy costs.

Energy Audits and Insulation Contractor in Houston, TX

An energy audit is all about helping you minimize your use of energy in your home for heating, cooling, and other essentials. Energy audits help to lower your family’s carbon footprint and enjoy the benefits of a lower energy bill.

At Ideal Home Energy, our team of passionate auditors can conduct a virtual audit and a home sanitization to help keep your home and family safe. We are dedicated to helping you, and your home thrive while remaining healthy and safe. 

We can help you change from conventional energy sources to a solar option that saves you money and offers benefits to the environment. After we complete your energy audit, we’ll advise you on the best ways to make your home more energy-efficient, and one of those options might be to add solar power to your home. 

While solar power isn’t right for every home, if it’s a recommendation for your energy needs, it can help you save money, and it’s an eco-friendly option. We will determine where your home uses the most energy and formulate a plan to help you use less or choose a different energy source. 

Benefits of an Energy Audit

Before you commit to an energy audit of your home, you want to know that there are clear benefits for you. An energy audit can make a big difference in your decisions about the type and amounts of energy you utilize.

Here’s a look at the benefits of your energy audit:

  • It shows you where you can conserve energy and save money
  • It helps to increase your home’s comfort, safety, health, and durability
  • Protects the environment by increasing energy efficiency

Learn More About the Energy Audit Process

The energy audit process is made up of three parts, including:

  1. Visual inspection
  2. Diagnostic testing
  3. Numerical analysis

When the auditing team first arrives at your Houston area home, they’ll start by asking you questions about your concerns and energy usage. An inspection of your attic insulation, crawl space insulation, exterior walls, and HVAC system is completed. We’ll check for gas leaks and use infrared photographs to pinpoint energy usage. We tabulate all the information to create a detailed analysis for you.

Discover the Types of Energy Audit Tests

During the energy audit, our team will conduct various tests to help determine areas of improvement. Our most common tests include:


Visual Inspections are the first steps of an energy audit. It helps us determine the home’s general condition and identify places that need additional insulation or repairs to improve efficiency. We’ll visually inspect the house’s attic insulation, crawl space insulation, exterior walls, and your HVAC system to determine their overall condition.


Blower door technology allows us to determine how airtight your home is. If there are leaks, your HVAC and other systems must work harder and use more energy to keep your home comfortable and safe. We also use this test to determine how quickly the air moves through these leaks.


Using infrared testing equipment during an  energy audit makes it easy for us to visualize the temperature differences throughout your home. We can quickly identify areas that require additional insulation and account for the bulk of your excess utility expenses.

Explore Ideal Home Energy’s Commitment to Our Work

At Ideal Home Energy, we are your trusted source for an energy audit in Houston, Texas. We have Pearl certification, so you know you’re working with only the pros.

You can also check out our reviews from past customers. You’ll find that we have 4.9 stars in Google reviews. Our dedicated team is ready to help you save money and improve your living space with an energy audit. Contact us today!

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